Improved Family Communication and Connection

Scott and Lori Segal, Segal Solutions


Communication with Children

I finished your book My Private Sessions and I want to say thank you for your willingness to share yourself in such a way that I could relate to. It is in the ability to relate that action can take place. Your session on communicating with children came at a perfect time for me as I was able to shift into adult to adult communication with my daughter just prior to her moving to another state. We experienced a much healthier goodbye as a result.
I also want to express gratitude for your help to identify my TAG’s. Through your process it not only helped me to see me, it also brought forth my own appreciation of myself. It felt good – Thank you!” ~Deborah Fitch, Owner What You Love to Do


My relationship with the ones I love has become much more nurturing and supportive…

SHelly Hood“Marty, through our work together not only am I able to feel more confident about who I am, but also, my relationship with the ones I love has become much more nurturing and supportive. I honestly never realized how guarded I was, how much work it was and how much I was missing out on.

The other night, my daughter’s best friend slept over. I hugged my daughter good night and then I gave her best friend a hug. She had a big smile on her face and said, “Mamma Shelley, you don’t hug, what happened? I said I do now. She said, “Oh I love the new Momma Shelley even more… Wow. Thank you Marty for helping me open my heart to be able to give love and accept love.”
  ~Shelley Hood, Arbonne Representative


Lessons Learned at Rock Lake Elementary

“Be mindful of what I say and do because it can have more effect on our children (people) then what we think”

“If a child finds his/her talents that can be focused on, it will keep them from bullying,”

“That everyday you can discover a treasure inside of you. You can open up new doors for you to show off your abilities.”

“When a child is being a bully, there is something inside of them that causes him/her to be a bully.”

“There is Nothing to Fix, Just more of Me to Discover.”

“Speak positive things in more than one way.”

“I am a treasure.”