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Business Mastery Program Over the last 10 years, Marty has used her transformation strategies to kick-start the lives and businesses of hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders, care providers, business owners and sales professionals around the globe. They:

  • Get Clear on what is holding them back.
  • Get Confident on how to be influential and feel great about yourself and your relationships.
  • Get Going on turning overwhelm and confusion into clarity and focused attention.

Business and Leadership Training Programs

Whether you want to take your career to the next level or life has thrown you a curve ball and you want to get back up stronger than ever, Marty knows just how to break through where you are stuck and to transform failure and self-doubt into triumph and feeling on top of the world. Her business and leadership training programs have helped her clients’ businesses and organizations increase revenues from 20 – 500% in just months and improved job satisfaction.

Clients choose to work with Marty because she gets to the heart of the matter. She provides down to earth, straightforward, no BS solutions, that has them quickly feeling great about themselves and what they have to offer the world.

If you desire one of Marty’s top training programs for your hospital, business, or agency, or to work personally with Marty to breakthrough where you are stuck or struggling, Marty has the answer for you. CONTACT US TODAY or call 321-848-4997 

Private coaching, including VIP half-day sessions, are available. Private coaching sessions are typically held at Marty’s office in Viera, Florida, just 60 minutes East of Orlando International Airport. She is available to travel for your consultation to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Dallas, Miami, London, or Sydney or other outstanding cities around the world.  

Learn how to overcome procrastination, discover your
innate Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs), and know how
to better manage your emotions. This package includes
the Get Success Strategies for Business and Life Double CD Download and Get Clear Get Confident Get Going the 2nd book in the Discover Your Power Within Series.

> Define Your Niche – the smaller your niche, the more
money you make.
> 60 Second WOW Introduction – stand out as an
expert in your field.
> Confidently Close the Sale – be the answer to your
prospect’s problem.
> Consistently Follow Through – use the DMO
(Daily Method of Operation) to get the dough.

Frustrated? Find you’re looking for answers in all the
wrong places? Chasing “shinny things”?

Learn how to catapult yourself forward into inspired
action by:

> Aligning with your emotions.
> Committing to fully express your creative power.
> Transforming your challenges into the jet fuel for success.
> Integrating a sense of love and value into your life.
> Openly expressing who you are, offer your gifts to the world.
> Now Being Inspired into Action each day and creating a
bodacious bank account.


Be open hearted and in charge as you live, love and
lead. Create a life that is more fulfilling, exciting and
energizing. Feel invigorated and inspired into action each
day as you break free of old dramatic painful patterns and establish healthy new ones.

This group is for you if you:
> Want to enhance the quality of your relationships
> Unleash your creative expression
> Be decisive in facing challenges
> Make the changes needed to feel more at peace with
who you are
> Enjoy financial success

> One-hour live group Inspired Into Action Webinar at
beginning of month
> 30 min live group On Track for Success Accountability
Call the 3rd week
> Monthly Lesson Implementation Video with Action
Sheets in between
> Private Facebook Group for Q&A, collaboration,
and support

Unlock your hidden potential during your 2 hr in-depth
Talents, Abilities, Gifts (TAGs) discovery session.

> Know what brings you joy.
> Unleash your power to increase your business.
> Custom-designed TAG Meditation for your Personal

Don’t know what is stressing you out? Feel stuck, hurt,
angry, alone, empty? Or just want more out of life?.

> Transform those feelings into being at peace with
who you are.
> Feel energized about where you are going.
> Refresh, Rejuvenate, Reignite Your Success and your
> Bonus: Two 30 min follow up calls to keep you on
track and consistently moving forward.

During your Business Mastery Program, you will see your life from a fresh perspective so that you can transform what has held you back into an empowering force to catapult you forward. You will realize your value, and learn how to live, love, and lead, as you take care of yourself. You will discover how to have a more intimate, connected, fulfilling relationship with yourself, your partner and your family.

Understanding that these emotional intelligence soft skills are the foundation for enjoying connected relationships, abundant wealth and great health, guarantees not only your business success but also your peace of mind. Sessions: In person in the Viera, Fl area, on Skype, or travel arrangements can be made to have Marty come to your location.

Silver Kick Start Your Life and Business Mastery Program 8 weeks
The Silver Program is designed for people that would like to overcome one or two issues such as gaining clarity, getting unstuck, reducing stress, improving relationships, making more money.

Includes: 4 hr VIP to Jump Start Your Success, get to the heart of the matter, and to kick start your transformation and a 2-hour TAG Yourself for Success™ coaching session, plus another 2 hr private session and six 30-minute On Track for Success calls.

Bonuses: Recordings of all sessions, Get Clear Get Confident Get Going autographed Book, Kick Start Your Life and Business Workbook, Free email and text support during your program, and 50% off any one webinar series.

Platinum Kick Start Your Life and Business Mastery Program 12 week
If you want to make a real profound change in your life, and make sure it sticks long after your last session, then this is for you. It’s my most popular package because it doesn’t matter if you know what it is you want to change, or if you just know you want your life to be different. This package gives you enough time to get to the root of the issue. It gives you the tools you want to make those important lasting changes in your personal and business life.

It includes everything from the Silver Program plus lots more time with me:three additional customized 2-hour coaching sessions, 6 more 30-minute accountability calls, and the Discover Your 5 Personalities Test with an in-depth analysis of your results, a Dual CD Set Success Strategies of Business and Life, and free access to any two webinar series.

The Real Skinny About Men and Women and Creating Confident Kids 12 Weeks or more

This is the program for you if you are interested in reigniting your relationship with your spouse/partner - more intimacy, romance, deep connection; with your kids - going from chaos to cooperation and creating confident kids who feel great about themselves, are prepared to manage their emotions and to know they are OK just as they are no matter who says what to them.

Some of the topics that will be covered are: honoring the blueprint of your soul while going from a ho-hum relationship to fulfilling and passionate times together; feeling confident and secure about who you are and what you have to offer the world; transforming self-sabotage into consistent success, creating a bodacious bank account, turning anger and resentment into compassion and understanding; learning how to bring out the best in your kids; creating cooperation and respect in the family; getting homework and chores done without hassle and everyone enjoying more good times together.

Includes everything from the Silver Program, plus lots more time with me. 6 hours a month coaching and unlimited emails and text support. Customized TAG Meditation, The Discover Your 5 Personalities Test with an in-depth analysis of your results, a Dual CD Set Success Strategies of Business and Life.

10% Discount on any program paid in full. Payment plans available upon request.

Business Mastery As Needed When Needed Program
During your Business Mastery Program, you will see your business from a fresh perspective. Getting the support you need, you will learn how to successfully live, love, and lead open hearted and in charge.

Having the opportunity to Brain Storm and/or Brain Dump, you will open your mind to new possibilities and allow for a reality check on the brilliant ideas that you have. From there, we can create strategic framework to get them executed or shelved. Along the way,
you also can transform any areas that have held you back into an empowering force to catapult you forward.

Understanding that these soft skills are the hard skills for making more money in less time and living an enjoyable, fulfilled and successful life, you can be more at peace, delight in who are, and create a bodacious bank account.

Call Marty to Discuss What Program is Best for You. 321-848-4997

The Tag Kids for Success™ System with TAG Bag and Best Friend Bear comes with links to videos and Action Sheet to teach you how to teach your kids how Talented, Able and Gifted (TAGs) they are. They will discover their power within and feel confident and secure about who they are. No matter who says what to them at school, they can be taught to remember the truth of who they are and not believe the bully. It is in believing the bully that we are harmed. Their Best Friend Bear reminds that their feelings are their Best Friend and to share them with their parents.

Business Mastery Program

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or sales professional wanting to kick-start your life and business, and/or you are a parent, teacher, husband or wife wanting peace and harmony at home or at school, contact Marty.

Business Mastery Program Marty has been interviewed by engaging and talented radio talk show hosts and information gurus from across America including: Dresser After Dark, Angela Bozorth’s “What’s Goin’ On” Brighthouse TV, Rosey Dow of The Prospect Profiler Radio Show, Steve Toth’s Real Coaching Radio and Living Consciously TV, Oriel Ross’s Small Business Engine Radio Show, Seeta and Friends Radio Show She has inspired audiences with organizations like Toast Masters, American Women’s Business Association (AWBA), Insight Magazine Coffee Club, International Mentoring Association, International Rotary Clubs, Full Sail University, and Florida Institute of Technology, Speaker and Workshop leader at Success in the City Baltimore Women’s Expo. She has trained sales teams like reThink Your Commute of FLDOT, CPAs and Real Estate Agents and is a Preferred Community Partner with University of Central Florida Business Incubator and is an Achievement Advisor for Sea Coast National Bank Accelerator Division.