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Bully and the bullied are the flip side of the same desire to be loved and appreciated for who they are and to make friends, have fun, and succeed in school.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 7.44.34 AMCreating Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying Program is asking parents to take the pledge:

I will TAG My Kid for SUCCESS™ by reminding my child how Talented Able and Gifted they are each day.

I will describe their actions in detail as I point out their Talents like being an:

Artist, Singer, Inventor, Mathematician, Actor, Musician, Writer, Basketball Player, Organizer, Cook, Story Teller, Football Player, Scientist, Drummer, Leader, Performer, Dancer, Scientist, Athlete, Funny, Architect, Organizer, Designer, Teacher, Problem Solver.

I will pick words to highlight their Abilities. I will telling them how they are:
Creative, Adaptable, Imaginative, Enthusiastic, Inventive, Funny, Listener, Observant, Analytical, Rhythmic, Flexible, Funny, Bright, Thoughtful, Stylish, Coordinated, Good Balance, Vulnerable, Open Hearted

I will thank them for the Gift they give when they share their:
Painting, Song, Story, Sculpture, Music, Cookies, Joke, Book, Flower Arrangement, Drawing, Computer Program, Performance, Report Card, Leadership, Invention, Lesson Taught, Team Spirit, Robot, Kind Words, Clean Room, Winning Score, Sand Castle, Friendship.

I will be their Encourager each day as I carefully describe their actions:

“Look at how you used your imagination (Ability)  in writing (Talent) that interesting story (Gift)  about the little boy and the tiger.”

“I saw you using your rhythm (Ability) when you clapped in time (Talent) to that song on the radio. You made it fun to ride (Gift) in the car with you.”

“You are an artist! (Talent) Now that drawing for grandma (Gift) is especially creative (Ability)! Look at how imaginative (Ability) you were when you combined the red, green and yellow and added the squiggly line to connect them all together. “

“You were very athletic (Ability) out on the playground today. You held on really tight as you climbed hand over hand (Talent) to the top of the jungle gym. You inspired your brother (Gift) to use his muscles too!”

Rather than:
Looking tough, they will Be Strong.
Looking powerful, they will Be Powerful.
Looking like they have friends, they will BE a Friend that can be Counted On
Looking like a leader, they will BE an Inspiration to others to Believe in Themselves

They will Discover Their Power Within
Convinced in Who They Are

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Your Students can;

  • Learn how Talented, Able and Gifted they are and how to manage emotions in the moment.
  • Discover that both the bully and the bullied are the flip side of the same desire to be appreciated, accepted and loved and to make friends, have fun, and succeed in school.
  • Go from Bully/Bullied to Boss knowing they have themselves to rely on.
  • Develop real friendships as anger and aggression are turned into cooperation and understanding and overwhelmed and insecure turn into capable and confident.

Parents and teachers learn ways to:

  • Encourage and support the development of children’s TAGs to enhance and enrich all children’s self-awareness, self-confidence, and to know the gift the children are to the world just being exactly who they are.

There is Nothing to Fix. Just More of You to Discover

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