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Explore – A Fresh Perspective on Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

What you may have noticed over the years is, like the majority of the population, you have made New Year’s Resolutions and not been able to follow through very long. You may even be doubting why you should even bother to make resolutions this year. There are many reasons that experts will give you as why you haven’t been able to follow through. What I discovered over the holidays will give you the formula for how to make 2014’s Resolutions become a reality THIS TIME. 

Discover What Leads to a Way to Achieve Your Resolutions

Holidays with our expectations of how to be and how you want “them” to be, judgements of: what you look like; where you feel your supposed to be in your life; what kinds of gifts you give; did you spend more or less than they did, and how much effort did “they” put into choosing their gift for you, can trigger feelings of not good enough. 

I, for one, found myself triggered into wanting to prove myself to my family. As my family was not meeting my expectations of what giving at Christmas time was all about, I felt more and more disconnected from who I was.

My old family dramas and wounded child scenarios blaming them and justifying why I felt disconnected, not heard, not seen, disregarded began to play in my head on an IMAX sized movie screen. As time went on, low and behold, my relationship with my sister was deteriorating. At one point, “Goodnight” was said through gritted teeth.

Disconnected from me, I wanted THEM to validate ME. I was placing my value on fighting for the love of my family. Since what you resists persists, the more I fought for their approval and love, the less I felt it. 

Dream – More Valuable than a Gucci Bag

What a GIFT my family gave me! Better that gold or diamonds or a Gucci bag, I was reminded where to place my value.

 To place my  value in:

  • Being present and connected to me.
  •  Loving and appreciating my creative gifts. 
  • Appreciating being the force of creative power.
  • Committing to my personal evolution.

As soon as I focused where to place my value, I was reconnected to me. I remembered how talented, able and gifted I am. I creatively used those gifts to connect with love and compassion to my family.  We had a fun, joyous and fulfilling visit.  “Goodnight, I love you,” was exchanged each night after that.

Lesson –  New Year’s Resolution Place Your Value in You

What you resist persist. If you place your value in something like loosing 25 lbs, making 10K a month, going to the gym everyday, getting 15 new clients every month, you may find that by January 30th you have gained a pound or two, are thousands away from 10K, are at the gym one time a week, and clients are signing up and then not following through. 

If instead, as you make those promises to yourself and resolve to reach your goals for 2014 you place your value in your personal evolution of your Talents, Abilities and Gifts, you will  TAG Yourself for Success.™

As you choose what to do each day to reach your goals, if you ask,”Since I am committed to loving and appreciating my creative powers and to evolving myself personally and professionally, I will make a healthy choice today and go to the gym and enjoy a salad for lunch. I will enjoy preparing for my 10 calls as I develop my negotiating skills and advocate for my clients to get what they need.”  

Excitement and Energy to Achieve Your Goals

There is no resistance there. In fact, there is excitement, energy, and resolve that will pull you forward toward your goals. You are placing your value in YOU being more of who you are!  Each choice is based on your commitment to you valuing you as the creative force you are in the world. As you determine, what talent, ability or gift you will use in this moment to move toward you goal, you are placing your value on your growth and development. You are evolving to be the highest version of yourself. As you do that, you will feel more confident in who you are. Using your creative powers, you will feel fulfilled. As with many of my clients, you may find that you are losing weight, that clients are more attracted to you and money is flowing into your bank account. 

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