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Logo: Discover Your Power Within

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Kiss Procrastination Goodbye


Samples of Radio Shows: Simple Strategic Stress Talk 

Sample of Marty Speaking:  Discover Your Power Within                                   



Inspiring Message:  “There is Nothing to Fix. Just more of You to Discover.”



Speaking Topics includes, but are not limited to:

Leadership Development:

  • Staying Energized and Enthusiastic in a Challenging Workplace: 5 Keys to Avoid Burnout
  • A.C.T. - 3 Proven Steps to Maximize Your Teams' Potential
  • 5 Ways to Raise Your Emotional Intelligence Fitness Quotient (EFQ) and the Bottom Line
  • Get Clear:3 Steps to End Stuck and Struggling for Good! Kiss Procrastination Goodbye
  • From Commander to Visionary - How to Develop Team Loyalty and Increase Productivity
  • The Success Ripple Effect - Harness Your Optimum Leadership Potential
  • For Greater Profit TAG Yourself for Success


  • Get Clear:3 Steps to End Stuck and Struggling for Good! Kiss Procrastination Goodbye
  • Communication, Connection and Harnessing the Power of Your Organization
  • To Make a Blue Chip Investment in Your Organization, Get Emotionally Fit
  • The Narrower Your Niche The More Money You Make

Business Development:

  • Get Confident: Go from Doubt to Dynamite Blast Past Overwhelm
  • Get Going: Be in Inspired Action Each and Everyday 
  • Make Your Snoozer into a 60 Second WOW Introduction
  • The Narrower Your Niche The More Money You Make

Personal Development

  • The Effect of Different Styles of Thought Processing
  • Balancing You and Your World with Grace Under Fire
  • There is Nothing to Fix. Just More of You to Discover.
  • Chaos to Cooperation at Home and Office

Marty travels from Florida to bring her Discover Your Power Within Formula to events nationwide. She welcomes invitations to share her content via tele- seminar and webinar to entrepreneurs, corporate teams, service providers, business owners who are serious about stepping up to challenges, blasting past overwhelm, and consistently following through on activities that will up the bottom line and bring personal fulfillment. 

Once we have agreed on a topic, if you need other information or promotional materials, I  will send you all the information you will need to get your audience excited about their upcoming training.

Feel free to call me with any questions you may have:  321-848-4997

Marty L Ward

[email protected]

924 Shaw Circle Melbourne, Fl 32940