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Marty has figured it out!  She has discovered how to guide you to:

  • Get unstuck and consistently moving forward
  • Dispel limiting beliefs
  • Awaken to new possibilities
  • Transform long held disempowering beliefs into empowered action
  • Stop self-defeating patterns of behavior
  • Turn ho-hum relationships into ignited, playful, connected good times
  • Create confident kids and turn chaos into cooperation at home and school
  • Courageously step up to challenges
  • Feel re-energized and excited about your life and business
  • Discern your value
  • Define what you want and know how to get it
  • Remember the highest version of yourself

Marty has helped 100s of entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals, and care providers to transform stuck and struggling lives and businesses.

They have achieved results like:

  • Increasing business 20 – 500%
  • Doubling the number of clients
  • Getting new businesses up and running
  • Taking businesses to the next level
  • Reigniting relationships
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Happier and more co-operative kids
  • Breaking through procrastination
  • Creating bodacious bank accounts

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Marty’s entrepreneurial career began in her 30s when she divorced her husband and had a newly established sailing school to run on her own while she raised her two young boys. Marty designed specialized programs for teens including autistic and those emotionally challenged as part of her sailing school. Her focus was to help them discover their power within as they took the helm, raised the sails and navigated the Hudson River.

At this time, Marty was also a high school social worker. There she created alternative and leadership programs to encourage high school students to develop their self-esteem, honor and value their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) to improve their school performance and feel great about themselves.

marty ward  

As an entrepreneur, she took her 100-ton US Coast Guard Captain’s License and became a top yacht broker in Annapolis, MD. Although happy in Annapolis racing five days a week and being a successful yacht broker, the lure of “big money” in the Florida mega-yacht industry drew her to Miami.

Life threw a curve ball. She got mercury poisoning from eating too much tuna that caused her to lose her memory. Not being at her best during the detoxification process contributed to her poor performance as a yacht broker. Failure took its toll and doubt crept in to replace self-confidence.


She asked herself over and over, “What is wrong with me? I know what to do. Why can’t I do what needs to get done?” She chased one “shiny thing” program and business venture after another. All the money she had made as a broker, real estate investor and even her inheritance was squandered. Marty went from being worth over a million dollars to flat broke, busted and disgusted. “I pretended to be on a diet when I would go to a networking luncheon as I had just $7 in my bank account. Not enough money to pay to for lunch and gas.”

Marty realized she was out of integrity with herself. She wasn’t meant to be playing around with these get-rich-quick schemes that she had grabbed to save herself. She wasn’t doing what she came into this world to do.

When Marty is asked, “When did you start coaching?” She jokes, “When I was 5! In kindergarten, I organized everyone on the playground. By 6th grade I was called ‘Mom.’ In college, I studied psychology, became a teacher and then a high school social worker. I was born to be a coach.”

Recently, Marty wrote a new compelling vision statement as a part of running her mastermind group. It reawakened her long time passions to: eliminate bullying by creating confident kids and to eliminate domestic violence by creating wise women and confident men so they can change the world.

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For the past 10 years, Marty has been teaching entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals how to use emotional intelligence to discover their innate powers. She shows them how these soft skills are the hard skills in today’s market to be a success. She figured out how to overcome procrastination and transform doubt and self–defeat into confidence and empowerment that has inspired her clients to do the same.

She combines her innovative business success strategies with advice for leadership and personal growth that provides her clients a sense of peace and fulfillment that leads to success in life and business including a bodacious bank account.

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marty ward

Due to the reawakening of her passions about bullying, she has developed programs for elementary and middle school students, parents, and teachers to create confident kids. Go to to find out more about training that is offered. Get your FREE 10 Tips Create Confident Kids System .

To Find Out More or To Get Involved with The Confident Kids Movement Click here.

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