Sticks and stones may break your bones – True
But words can never hurt you – False

Discover Your Power Within
Get Rock Solid Confidence
Group VIP Day April 27th

Group VIP Day – Limited to 16 people Personalized Interactive Training Get proven strategies to:
Know yourself so well that no person, no situation can steal your confidence.


           Take A.C.T.I.O.N to Believe in Yourself

Discover how to Align, Commit, Transform, Open, Nurture yourself so that you move consistently forward each day knowing you got what it takes to succeed.

 FREE Get to Know Yourself Quiz and Comprehensive Analysis.
Coffee, snacks, Lunch included.

Sign Up today. Limited Seating. See Marty or go to

ELEVATE Daytona Bully Proof Your Child

Thursday, January 5th
4am – 5am

Sea Park Elementary Brevard Schools Training Leadership Students

Wednesday, January 11th
1pm – 3pm

Tele-Summit Luci McMonagle Abundance Breakthrough Beyond 100K Summit for Creative Women Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, January 17th
10am – 11am

Speaker Tele-Summit “The Global Cutting Edge Coaching Event”

Monday, January 21st

FATE Teachers Conference Speaker TAG Kids for Success™ to Eliminate Bullying Get More Teaching Time

Friday, January 27th
Saturday, January 28th

5 Min Talk Speaker 5 Key Strategies to Avoid Burnout and Achieve Success – Palm Bay Brevard Business Women Event

Tuesday, January 31st
8am – 9am

BehaviorTraining Brevard Schools Teacher Training Management from the Inside Out 5 Keys to Eliminate Bullying

Monday, February 20th

Child’s Voice Chicago, Illinois. Hot link the school’s name
School for children who are hard of hearing.
In collaboration with Laurie Huspen of Taboo Topix
Mentoring Program to Eliminate Bullying
Base on the play The Flip Side Discover Your Power Within by Marty L Ward

Fall 2017

Springfield Home School Orientation Oakbrook, IL Keynote Speaker Eliminating Bullying with the Flip Side Play

Friday, September 1, 2017