Emotional Intelligence Leads to Top Performance

Image Mindset Emotional Intelligence for Top Performance Let’s face it. If you have a boss, partner, manager , or spouse who is oblivious to  your feelings and how to manage their own emotions effectively, you are miserable at work and at home. Worse yet, if you are unaware of how your emotions are rippling out and effecting all aspects of your life, you may be finding yourself anxious, frustrated, angry and even feeling out of control most of the time. Effective leadership and being at peace with who you are is the result of understanding yourself psychologically, mentally and emotionally. As a leader, it has been determined that Emotional Intelligence is the greatest predictor of success. In 1990 John Salovey and John Meyer did research that showed the importance of social intelligence and its impact on not only our ability to monitor our emotions and those of others but also our awareness effectives our leadership style and, thus, the bottom line of business.

Brief History of Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goldman in 1995 published his ground breaking book, Emotional Intelligence. It ended up on being featured in Time Magazine.  By 1997, Harvard Business Review (HBR), that is one of the top resources for best-business-practices, released an article by Daniel Goldman that became the most requested article ever. In 2003,  HBR reviewed data on Emotional Intelligence and concluded: In hard times, the soft stuff often goes away. But Emotional Intelligence,it turns out, isn’t so soft. If Emotional obliviousness jeopardizes your ability to perform, to fend off aggressors, or to be  compassionate in a crisis, no amount of attention to the bottom line will protect your career.Emotional Intelligence isn’t a luxury you can dispense with in tough times.* Since then an organization called, Six Seconds has been in the forefront of spreading the word about Emotional Intelligence worldwide. 

Brief History of Marty and Emotional Intelligence When I was about nine or ten, I began my lifetime quest to understand human behavior, how our mind works, what role emotions play, and how the Universe influences who we are the choices we make. In my twenties, I began working with masters in human behavior that were 20 years ahead of their time like Patricia Sun. As a scholar, I earned my Masters in Social Work, and designed programs that develop the individual to their highest potential. In 2007, when I met Luis Garcia, the renowned expert in using the Quantum Physics of emotions and the natural Laws of Nature, I discovered what had been missing in my life and in my work as a Success Coach. What had been missing was understanding the science of emotions, their influence on our decisions and combining that with our innate Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) to live a satisfying, abundant, and fulfilling life. Over the past four years, I have edited four books by Luis Garcia. Based on the principles shared in his latest revolutionary and thought provoking understanding of  the role of our ego, Embracing Your Ego’s Humanity How to Go from Confused to Being Empowered, and his mentorship with me over the past seven years, I have created the Kiss Procrastination Goodbye System. As part of my personal development, I found myself  spending five years earning, what I call, my PhD in Procrastination. This took me from being worth over a million dollars to having $7 in my bank account three weeks before Christmas. Kiss Procrastination Goodbye Logo Branded The Kiss Procrastination Goodbye System I intimately know what it takes to consistently bust through the myths that hold you back from living your life fully, the kind of confidence you need to step out and claim your spot in the world, and to be convinced that you have what it takes to be financially secure and living life on your terms.  With the Kiss Procrastination Goodbye System, you can make a name for yourself in your niche, feel great about yourself, and catapult your success in weeks not months. This system  has added the unique perspective of Quantum Physics to Emotional Intelligence and takes you to whole new level of understanding yourself, how your mind works and how to use the wisdom of your emotions to rich, abundant and life.

Deeper Understanding of Emotional Intelligence What I was unaware of was the Emotional Intelligence movement that had been building all this time.  I recently discovered the Society of Emotional Intelligence. October 25th, 2014 I was a keynote speaker at their 5th Annual Conference in Tampa, Fl . The Orlando Chapter of the Society of Emotional Intelligence gave rave reviews to my cutting edge presentation that revealed my adaption of what is now being taught in the Emotional Intelligence community.

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What’s Wrong with Me? How about you? Have you ever wondered at times, “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I do what I need to get done?” Maybe you find yourself at the coffee house thinking, “I wish I didn’t feel so dissatisfied with my achievements. I had a vision and thought I was there, but now I can’t seem to get out of my own way. There has to be a way out of this. I hate how I feel. I just want answers that work.” I am the voice for successful entrepreneurs and business owners who are finding themselves frustrated, stuck, and procrastinating, unable to figure out what is stopping them. You want to feel great about yourself and have big profit in your pocket, but something is holding you back. I know all too well the pain of letting procrastination and stumbling blocks rob you of success and keep you doubting yourself, wondering at times, “Will I  ever make it?”  

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