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Join Marty’s clients who now feel confident and secure in who they are and to be able to blast past procrastination, break through stumbling blocks and turn them into the jet fuel for success. Some clients have doubled their income in two weeks. Others, go from stuck and unhappy to moving forward in their business feeling confident and secure about their future.

Audiences give rave reviews from Marty’s outside the box, on target, effective presentations and trainings. They especially appreciate having great take aways that they can implement right away to make a difference in achieving the results they desire.

Eliminate Bullying

Discover Your Power Within

Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying

Create Confident Kids Programs have kids engaged and excited to learn as go on an adventure to discover their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) and to know how to not believe the bully’s mean words. Instead, they feel confident about who they are.

Teachers and administrators are given effective tools to simple and easily resolve conflict, decrease bullying, and build kids’ confidence each and every day. The school develops an \\\”All for one and one for all\\\” culture that has kids feeling safe and ready to learn.

Confidence Eliminates Bullying
Bullying is everywhere – not just in schools and playgrounds but also in the workplace.

Eliminate Bullying

5 Keys to Avoid Burnout

Staying Energized and Enthusiastic in a
Challenging Workplace:
5 Keys to Avoid Burnout

Marty has designed program to help Leaders, Managers and Nurses know how to deal with the bully and the ramifications that bullying has not just on their job performance, health, job satisfaction but also to decrease turn over ratios and save hospitals money.