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Business Coach Marty L. Ward Over the last 10 years, Marty has used her transformation strategies to kick-start the lives and businesses of hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, sales   professionals and care providers around the globe. They:

  • Get Clear on what is holding them back.
  • Get Confident on how to be influential in your marketplace while feeling great about yourself and your relationships.
  • Get Going on turning overwhelm and confusion into clarity and focused attention.

She has helped her clients increase revenues from 20 – 500% in just months. Whether you want to take your business to the next level or life has thrown you a curve ball and you want to get back up stronger than ever, Marty knows just how to break through where you are stuck and to transform failure and self-doubt into triumph and feeling on top of the world. Clients choose to work with Marty because she gets to the heart of the matter. She provides down to earth, straightforward, no BS solutions, that has them quickly feeling great about themselves, what they have to offer the world and creating a bodacious bank account. Business Coach Marty L. Ward Clients choose to work with Marty because she gets to the heart of the matter.

  • You discern your value, define what you want and learn how to get it.
  • Your hidden stumbling blocks are removed.
  • Your limiting beliefs are dispelled.
  • You feel empowered to do something about your challenges.
  • New possibilities are awakened.
  • You know how Talented, Able and Gifted you are.
  • You increase your client base, seal deals and create a Bodacious Bank Account.

Marty most enjoys working with professionals on a private basis or in one of her small groups. What you receive is:

  • Guidance to remember who you are in the fullest version of yourself.
  • Outside the box solutions that bring immediate results
  • Compassionate analysis take takes the sting out of things that are the most difficult to face.

Contact Marty Now Business Coach Marty L. Ward She engages audiences that range from seasoned executives to elementary school students in interactive, on target, results-oriented presentations. They will take with them techniques and formulas that they can use immediately to get results. Speaking Topics include, but are not limited to: Leadership Development:

  • 3 Proven Steps to Maximize Your Teams’ Potential
  • From Commander to Visionary – How to Develop Team Loyalty and Increase Productivity
  • The Success Ripple Effect – Harness Your Optimum Leadership Potential
  • For Greater Profit TAG Yourself for Success™


  • Communication, Connection and Harnessing the Power of Your Organization
  • To Make a Blue Chip Investment in Your Organization, Get Emotionally Fit
  • The Narrower Your Niche The More Money You Make

Business Development:

  • Get Clear: 3 Steps to End Stuck and Struggling for Good! Kiss Procrastination Goodbye
  • Get Confident: Go from Doubt to Dynamite Blast Past Overwhelm
  • Get Going: Be Inspired into Action Each and Every Day Turn Your Life and Business Around
  • Turn Your Snoozer Introduction into a 60 Second WOW Introduction
  • The Narrower Your Niche The More Money You Make

Personal Development:

  • Create Confident Kids and Eliminate Bullying
  • The Real Skinny About Men and Women
  • Creating Domestic Harmony
  • Balancing You and Your World with Grace
  • There is Nothing to Fix. Just More of You to Discover
  • Chaos to Cooperation at Home and Office

Invite Marty to Speak Business Coach Marty L. Ward Sales

  • 3 hr Workshop Connect Collaborate Ka-Ching Turning Prospects into Clients
  • 6 Steps to Be Inspired into Action Each Day


  • Filling the Confidence Gap
  • Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Going.
  • 3 Steps to Kiss Procrastination Goodbye
  • 5 Ways to Raise Your Emotional Intelligence Fitness Quotient (EFQ) and the Bottom Line

Teachers and Parents Go to Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying  website for more detailed information about the programs that are available for schools, parents and organizations. 

  • 3 Steps to Create Confident Kids
  • 5 Steps to Create Harmony at School and at Home
  • TAG Yourself for Success™ for Teachers, Parents and Children

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