4 Steps to Unlimited Energy

Friday, 08 September 2017 by
The Compass of the Heart For unlimited energy, use the Compass of the Heart. It can guide you to be more at peace and to feel energized and enthusiastic each day. The Compass of the Heart is your GPS to make the greatest impact – C² + A² = Impact. Compassion, Acceptance, Appreciation, Connection. When

Feel energized and enthusiastic

Thursday, 03 August 2017 by
Today, I want to share with you 2 steps of a 4 step formula to feel energized and enthusiastic each day.  Next week, I will give you the last two steps.   When you have a rough day, customers aren’t happy, the employee doesn’t show up, overwhelm has set in, prospect changes their mind, you can doubt yourself.
“Sticks and stones will break your bones (True), but words will never hurt you.” (False) We all wish that words would never hurt us, but we all know differently. When we don’t know what to do manage a problem, the mind makes up an answer. Thousands of years ago, we blamed thunder and lightening on

How to Embrace Change

Thursday, 13 July 2017 by
Summer has arrived! Here in Florida we have lots of storm clouds rolling in and out. There is good news and bad news with these dark clouds. The rain brings relief from our 90 plus temperatures, but can also ruin a great picnic, day at the beach, or perfect fishing trip. Dark Cloud MomentsIt made