About Marty

 Make the Money You Want and the

Difference You Want in Less Time with Less Effort

When failure pulled the rug out from under my very successful career as a yacht broker and real estate investor twelve years ago, I began chasing one shiny thing after another. I worked harder and harder to cover up feeling not good enough and the fear that I would never make it. As a result, I ended up with $7.41 left in my bank account about six weeks before Christmas. My boys were older, but Christmas was Christmas.

No longer worth over a million dollars, I was devastated, ashamed, and afraid.

Who could have known that this was the start of an amazing journey filled with experiences that would pave the way to a different kind of success and be impacting people around the world.

Having figured out exactly how to transform feeling anxious and wasting time being stuck and struggling into feeling inspired into action and consistently moving forward, I started Defining Your Business LLC that has become Marty L Ward Coaching.

I wanted to share my transformation strategies with other entrepreneurs so that they could have the money they want and make the difference they want in less time with less effort.

Since then I have coached, impacted, and moved 100’s of entrepreneurs from struggling and wasting time to being profitable and having more time to enjoy it!

Clients are delighted as they increase profits up to 500% in three to six months, and design lives that are fulfilled by what they do and who they are. Their relationships are the best ever.

Once I discovered the formula, I built a consistent 7k a month revenue lightning fast. I now help others do the same, with more joy and profitability than ever before.

I love sharing my profit-making strategies in my dynamic and engaging presentations and to bring my passion, impact, and profit brand of coaching all over the globe to help more and more people stop wasting time and start making the difference they want now!