To Be a Winner Love You

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To be a Winner

The hearts and flowers of Valentine’s Day are a wonderful reminder to love – guess who – YOU! It is a great reminder to really honor and value who you are and the Gift you bring to the world as expressed through your Talents and Abilities. It is actually by focusing on you and honoring you that you can love yourself. It is in loving you that you have the capacity to love others fully. 

Have you been watching the Olympics? The quality that separates the winners from the almost winners is doing the performance for the pure JOY OF IT! It is not about winning for the “country” or for “my parents,” it is about the experience of expressing all of who they are – Talents, Abilities and Gifts – through the developing, evolving their bodies’ flexibility, adaptability, grace, power, form, endurance on the ice or snow in their unique way.  

Commentators would describe the qualities of the winners as  “Assured of himself. Trusting himself. Knows he can do it.” “That down  hill racer is a combination of relaxation and tension.”  S/he can “deliver when you need it.” 

Julia Lipnitskaia, 15, of Russia who looked relaxed and just enjoying her time on the ice and and Gracie Gold, 18, of USA  who hit everyone one of her 11 jumps, said that she let go of the fear and just skated for the pleasure of it, won the gold and bronze. Shaun White, American skateboard gold winner threw in a trick he hadn’t planned on because he felt the urge! Erin Hamlin from New Hampshire was not expected to place at all…She knew her family and  community would be proud of her no matter what…she won a bronze in the luge! She was “relaxed,” she said. Notice it is not about worrying about others and pressure of doing their best for the country. It is about them experiencing who they are in the moment! 

Lov’en You

Live each day experiencing you for the pure pleasure of being YOU! Today would be a great day to honor and value yourself by looking at each one of your Talents, Abilities and Gifts you have listed on your TAG Yourself for Success™ Chart. If you haven’t created one yet, go to and download it and fill it out. Really look at how fabulous you are. Think of your resume. Those jobs are a statement of your Talents. Think about what Abilities is takes to perform each of those Talents. 

Here is an excerpt from my new book short (under a 100 pages) and to the point:
Get Clear Get Confident Get Going 
How to Get form Where You Are 
to Where You Want to Be 
It is coming out in March. It describes how to put lots of tools in your success tool box: 

To help you think of them, look at your resume. The jobs you have done are an expression of your Talent. Consider what Abilities it took to do each job. For instance, what does it take to be a manager? Good people skills consist of the Abilities of intuitive, flexible, adaptable, creative, a good listener, motivator. You might also use your analytical Ability expressed in your Talent as a manager in organizing teams, doing strategic planning, making the complex simple, seeing the little pieces that make up the big picture. The Gift you give is in the company making more money, your team feeling supported as you bring out the best in them, and high customer satisfaction. 

Let’s count how many tools are now in your Success Toolbox: intuitive, flexible, adaptable, creative, a good listener, organizer, strategic planner, motivator, making the complex simple, seeing the little pieces that make up the big picture, money-maker, customer service provider. Twelve tools you can pull from to use in all areas of your life.  That is just looking at one of the many Talents you have!

TAG Yourself for Success™ Each Day

Let today be the day that you begin a daily routine to honor and value yourself. Read your list of TAGs,  if you have worked with me, listen your personalized TAG Yourself for Success™ Meditation audio* everyday for a month  or two. See what a difference remembering how magnificent you are makes in your life! See how much more you have to give to others as you fill yourself up with you! 


* Want to be able to listen to your customized TAG Yourself for Success™ Meditation audio based on your Talents, Abilities and Gifts, go to