Place Your Value in Your Evolution vs Protesting





Can’t Say “No”

Funny…I was looking for a picture for this blog and I looked up No Protesting. Then I realized that I was protesting not protesting! When we fight what we don’t want, we are protesting. Protesting can look like you pointing your finger and blaming others’ behavior and their lack of love or thoughtlessness, or fighting an illness, or mad at the economy or the government.

The Science of Protesting

When we protest and fight, we get the very thing we say we don’t want like when we don’t want to gain weight but the pounds sneak on; wanting to turn your business around but you have fewer and fewer clients; not wanting to ever feel depressed as you struggle to find the energy to get through your day.

The Universe is committed to give us the opportunity to unravel what it is we are resisting. Let’s take a scientific look at what is actually happening.

Let’s say somewhere you don’t feel good enough, but you don’t want to know it. Not wanting to know that somewhere you don’t feel good enough can in fact be the cause of your weight gain, your business not doing well and your pushing down your power i.e. depression.

  1. You are committed to not feeling your Not Good Enough.
  2. You want to find a way cover up that you don’t feel good enough.
  3.  Your strategy to cover up where you devalue yourself, where you are insecure,you find someone to symbolize it for you.You point the finger at your boss, parent, spouse, the leader of an organization as the bad guy.  You see THEM as not good enough, insecure, ineffective, not honoring or valuing you. To reassure yourself it is THEM and not you that has the growing to do, you bitch and moan all about what they are or are not doing and who they are or are being in your life.
  4. In fact, what you are doing is fighting what you actually see yourself as being – not good enough,insecure, ineffective, not honor or valuing all you have to give. Ain’t the Universe grand? 
  5. In the meantime, you want them to accept YOU. If they accept you and see you  as good enough, confident, effective, and valuable, THEN you will be OK. 
  6. When you are committed to having them seeing you as OK – even if they do momentarily….you are not evolving and actually becoming more secure, competent, effective and seeing how fabulous you actually are. You are just LOOKING LIKE you are OK. You still don’t feel Good Enough. So when they stop seeing as OK, then you are let down. You get mad at them all over again for not supporting the “ideal” of yourself.

Commit To Your Evolution

To not just look OK, but instead to BE OK, commit to your evolution. Commit evolving your Talents, Abilities and Gifts. Look at where you do not value and honor how capable you are. Ask yourself, “Where am I not good enough?”  “Where am I insecure? ” What do I need to learn to be more effective?”  By owning where need grow and develop and taking the steps to evolve those areas of who you are, you will feel confident, secure, effective and valued. You will not need their approval. You will accept yourself. Rather than fighting, protesting, pointing the finger at someone else in the hopes of proving THEM wrong and you right, you can point your finger to the sky and feel like Number 1!