The Triple AAAs of Want to Do It New Year’s Resolutions

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Goal 365 Days!

It is that time of year when most everyone is thinking about making New Year’s Resolutions. Despite the fact that 52% at the outset expected to succeed, 88% of those who set resolutions fail.* UG!

Sounds like a good time for a Fresh Perspective! A new way to see making Promises to Yourself  so you can feel great about yourselves as day by day  you get healthier, make your follow up calls, learn new marketing skills and see your businesses soar and your self-confidence go way  up!

Just Do It!

What we have been taught is Just Do It! Just MAKE yourself get up and go to the gym, not eat your favorite foods, and pick up that phone to make your follow up calls and post to your social media sites. In the hope of motivating yourself to achieve your goals, you may give yourself more and more unpleasant punishments if you don’t Just Do It!

If that worked for most people, then 88% would be successful rather than fail!  By its very nature, what we resist, persists. The more we insist we MUST go to the gym, eat less, pick up the phone more, post three times a day, the sooner we stop going to the gyn, begin eating more and picking up the phone less and can’t be found on Facebook.  In fact, that is the science of why MAKING New Year’s Resolutions does not work for most people.

What We Resist Persists

The more we protest what we don’t want, “I gotta loose 20 lbs. I am going to the gym 3 days a week.” [Resisting being overweight] Or “I need more sales. I am going to make all my follow calls up every day.”[Resisting being broke and procrastination] the longer our “unwanted” behavior persists.

We are focusing on what we don’t want – fat, exercise, phone calls, making posts, rather than on what we do want – health, feeling fit and sexy, reaching more clients.

A1 Allow – Get the Exact Information You Need

Focus on what you do want – feeling vitalized and excited and enjoying the pleasure of feeling good about  yourself. Feeling good is what motivates you to go to the gym, enjoying balanced meals, and engaging with clients consistently and interacting on social media.

Allow your feelings to tell you what you ULTIMATELY want to feel when you achieve your goal. What is it you’d like to discover about yourself this year; what areas of your business you want to explore; what new aspects of living life to the fullest you want to delve into and expand.

If you want to loose 20 pounds because you are feeling out of shape and lacking energy

Focus on:  “I am developing some shapely curves this year,delighting in balancing my what I eat with more fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoying feeling energized again.”

If you want to make more follow up calls because you I want to develop a feeling of know, like  and trust and get more sale

Focus on:  “I have found re-connecting after my initial meetings really solidifies the relationships. They are calling me back and I getting more sale. I am going to continue developing new clients this way.”

If you want to post 3 times on Facebook so you can feel connected on social media, develop relationships, get some Joint Ventures and add to your know like and trust factor

Focus on:“Hey, I am really liking being engaged in those conversations. I got new followers and 20 are joining my January group!

A2 Align – Explore Your Feelings

Align with the information your feelings have to offer. There are moments and even days when life shows up with challenges, disappointments, and the unexpected. It’s in those moments we feel like giving in and not keeping our promises to ourselves. That is when we need to align with  “Not Good Enough (or whatever feeling has come up), and ask it, “What are you here to teach me today?”  Not Good Enough knows exactly what we need to do in that moment to feel Good Enough and the exact next step to take you toward your goal.

Maybe Not Good Enough is telling you that you need more information before you pick up the phone, or to allow your body time to rest between exercise routines, or to stop and honor  all that you have done so you feel good about yourself. Listen to what Not Good Enough has to say. One step at a time, you can discover more about yourself and what skill you want to develop or topic you want to explore in depth. As you gain more confidence, feel more secure in who you are, you have no doubt that you can accomplish what you desire.

A3 Achieve – TAG Yourself for Success™

Achieve your desired goals – TAG Yourself for Success™.  You have the formula to ignite your power. Define your Talents, Abilities, and Gifts. See how talented, able and gifted you really are. Use your athleticism, your love of dance, your desire to be more flexible on the golf course (Talents) to inspire you to go to the gym. Delight in expressing your creativity and imagination (Abilities)in the recipes you design. Rejoice in performing your routine for others, serving your maison spécialité at dinner, having clients benefiting from the product and service you offer (Gifts).

Doable New Year’s Resolutions – Focus on the Result You Want

Write your Doable New Year’s Resolutions. From Just Do It to Now I Want to Do It New Year’s Resolutions to have business success and personal satisfaction. Your 2013 success strategy – Talk about the ultimate result you want – feeling flexible and sexy, enjoying  a rafting trip down the Colorado river with your family, the transformation your clients will have as they work with you. What is the experience you want to have? What is the feeling you are looking for? Peace, joy, fulfilled, comfortable , secure, sensual, empowered? What is the outcome of the outcome – THAT is what will inspire you to get up everyday and take steps toward your goal. Write the Resolutions as if they have already happened.

Versus “I got a loose 20 pounds” – I am feeling comfortable and secure as walk around the office in my new wardrobe. I had such fun shopping finding just the right cocktail dress for my first date.

Versus – “I HAVE to go to the gym 3 days a week” – I am liking this rock hard body and the distance I can drive the ball on the course.

Versus – “I GOTTA get on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin or else I’ll never make it!” – I am having such a good time getting to know people on line. I have made some really good contacts and we are doing a Joint Venture one time a month. Sharing ideas back and forth, I feel like I am making a real contribution.

GO FOR IT! Enjoy the ride to feeling great about all you have accomplished!

Align, Allow, Achieve.
Honor and value your Talents, Abilities, and Gifts (TAGs).
Enjoy Experiencing More of Who You Are for the next 365 days Inspired by
Your Doable New Year’s Resolutions

All sounds good, but not sure where to start?

Take the K Out of Suck-cess Knock It Out of the Park 2013
Group starts Jan 22, 2013. 


*According to Wikipedia in a study done in 2007 study by Richard Wisemen from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people.