The Gift that is YOU

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The Gift 

At this holiday time of year, there is lots of focus on gifts. Stress and worry about what is enough, be it for your spouse, your child, your mom or dad, those adorable grandkids, and what to do about your colleagues?

You might be wondering, “What can I buy that will show them that I love them?”  “How can I show them I  know who they are by giving them something they will really like?” 

You know what would be the coolest gift of all that they will appreciate more than gold or diamonds, a bike or video games? You BEING YOU! You allowing yourself to be just exactly who you are. Yes, YOU being THE present and being PRESENT, too.  

The Present

Let’s start with being present. With all the hustle and bustle and running around, working hard, balancing life,work and kids, and finding time for you, being in the moment and available can seem challenging. It is challenging. What I suggest is breathe. Go ahead, breathe right now and hold your breath for a few seconds. Holding your breath will slow your heart rate for a few seconds. This will drop you from your fight or flight brain (Limbic brain) where you are distracted and thinking of four things at once to your decoding brain (frontal lobe). Now, you can  give your attention to person you are with, the project you are doing, the experience you are having in this moment (like reading this fabulous blog!). And, oh how being in the present saves sooo much time in the long run!  The connection you will make with the person you are with will be so much richer, too!

The Second Greatest Gift 

During this holiday season, connection is the second greatest gift you can give. When you think about what you remember, it is the moments of being listened to, appreciated for who you were, secrets shared, compassion expressed, the wink, the smile, feeling like you were the only person in the room in that moment. Give the present of your presence to those you are with and see how rich you feel. 

YOU and the Gift that is YOU

The first greatest gift, is YOU being YOU. Now there is a trick here. The YOU I am talking about is the YOU that you have been hiding from the world. Yeah, that one. The one that that has been wanting to be expressed for the longest time…

When I was working with a client this week, she was feeling resistant. You might think resistance was to finding out some horrible thing about her, but when we explored her resistance, it was about being “child-like ( as in playful and fun),” “authentic,” “the REAL ME.”  So often that is what people fear the most – The GIFT that is YOU. 

The Suppressed Joy of Being YOU

Crazy, right, to be afraid to express who you are? It is about just sharing your Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) with the world and let the chips fall where they may. Actually it is not crazy. It does take being  Bold , Brave, and Ballsy.

What is really cool is the Suppressed Joy that will bubble up as you step into your power. The REAL YOU has been waiting so long to be shared with the world. Let it will bubble up like the finest champagne in celebration of your freedom.

Allow yourself to explore that possibility over this Holiday week. Ask, “If I am just me, who would I be?”  “If I stopped playing small, where would my business be?” “If I only cared that I was of integrity with me and no longer cared what others think of me, what one aspect of my life would I change?”  “What difference would THAT make in my life?”

Let the joy happen. Give those around you a glimpse of the REAL YOU this week!


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