Do a 180 Watch the Results

by / Thursday, 15 November 2012 / Published in Business Success, Emotional Fitness, Motivation, Success Strategies, TAG youself

  Focus on Results

Looking at successful people and studying what they do, what you find  is that they consistently focus    on results and live in the solution. For them, they see life from the glass half full to overflowing.  For those that are not as successful as they would like, the glass is often half empty as they focus on what they see is the reality of their situation. Since what we focus on expands, success breeds success and failure breeds failure.

Believing is Seeing

To have business success, successful people know that Believing is Seeing rather than Seeing is Believing. When we think, “When I feel confident THEN I’ll be able to achieve my goals,” it almost never comes. The irony is that in order to be confident, you have to be confident! In order to be successful, well you have to be successful. It is in the seeing the possibility and focusing on and building upon what pleases us that that we bring our fondest dreams into reality. It is using what displeases us only as information to see where we need to get more training, information, coaching, practice. What many people do is to use what displeases them to beat themselves up in the hopes that will motivate them to work harder. Instead, it is in the beating ourselves up that halts all progress.

TAG Yourself for Success™

A key to success is allowing yourself to know you actually are OK. Start by finding one aspect of who you are that tells you have what it takes to make it. Look at your Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAG)* and find one, just one that you can say, “YES! that is it!” Are you a writer? Are you an organizer? Are you a leader? Where does your wisdom lie? Where have you been successful in the past and what was the TAG that you used to bring about that success? Build from there. That is living in the solution.

Strategy for Success

It is amazing to see that by taking that one simple and yet profound step to see what Talent, Ability and Gift you have  and focus on THAT, allows more and more TAGs to show up. As you capitalize on them, they will show you other aspects to develop of who you are and how to use them for business success. In being convinced in who you are gives you the confidence to have no doubt that your vision for your future is obtainable!

*List Talents, Abilities, and Gifts

Ability – A God-given skill, something you just can do. Like Mozart could play the piano at 4.  An Ability is what you were born knowing how to do.  Sometimes is what you got in trouble for.  Singing, playing the guitar, taking the clock a part, telling a story, figuring out computer programs, mathematics, scientist. What comes naturally, easily – THAT is what you are born to do!

Talent – How do you share or express your ability? Mozart’s talent was writing concertos, sonatas, and operas. Play an instrument, fix what’s broken around the house, write songs or poetry, paint ceramics, run the mile, perform on stage, win computer games?

Gift – Expressing your value in the world through your Ability and Talent. What gift do you give ? Mozart expressed his musical Ability through his Talent of writing down his music . His Gift? He shared his music by having it performed in concert halls around the world. Do you perform your music, design computer games, fix cars or write poetry, kick the goal, paint a landscape, work with kids.