*Allow *Align *Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

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  Everyone’s Demanding it.

Everyone’s into it – Even Inkjet Super Stores! They offer,“101 New Years Resolutions Ideas – Print Your Goals .”  Pretty clever marketing. If Ads, Blogs, Websites and Gurus are aren’t telling you What Goals to Set, they are telling you the What To Do to MAKE Yourself achieve your goals this year. While offering no new solutions, their tone is often one of judgment and condemnation – as if we needed someone else to beat us up for not having figured out how to keep our promises to ourselves. As an example of this rough-shod approach to MAKING you feel sooooo bad that will want to achieve your goals, below is a quote from Hazel Lodevico’s article about How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions:

“Bad habits are hard to break, and this is one of the reasons many New Years resolutions never  have a chance. Take a look at what you have been doing in the past that kept you from achieving your goals. If your goal is to save more money, decide what your priorities are and cut back on expenses you can live without. If you want to be more organized, take a look at what’s creating the clutter (perhaps your hoarding tendencies, your laziness to clean up after yourself, or maybe your inability to figure out what goes where.) Address these bad habits immediately and decide how you will empower yourself to overcome them.” My goodness. She gets the Cat-o-NineTails Award for beating you up and adding hot peppers of judgement and condemnation – Ouch!

Not in the Forcing – Allow

As my Bully-ed to Boss No Longer at a Loss song points out, how to really empower yourself is:

To find your power

Reach deep within

You will soon discover

Where real strength begins.

It’s not in the forcing

That’s not where it lies.

It’s right where you can find it

Where your treasure resides.

Your Talent and Abilities

Make your Power Trip

And the Gift that you give

Is what really Makes you hip.

 The Science of New Year’s Resolutions

It is not in the forcing or making yourself go to the gym, stop eating everything you love, make your follow up calls, because by its very nature, what we resist, persists. In fact, that is the science of why MAKING New Year’s resolutions does not work. The more we protest what we don’t want, “I gotta loose 20 lbs. I am going to the gym 3 days a week.” [Protesting being overweight] Or “I need more sales. I am going to make all my follow calls up every day.”[Protesting being broke and procrastination] the longer our “unwanted” behavior persists.

The answer lies in the ALLOWING – allowing your feelings to give you the exact information. They tell you what you’d like to discover about yourself this year. What areas of your business you want to explore. What new aspects of living life to the fullest you want to delve into and expand. You notice you are feeling out of shape and lacking energy, “I am developing some shapely curves this year, balancing my diet with more vegetables and feeling healthy again.” or Feeling more satisfied when you follow up with clients, “I have found re-connecting after my initial meetings really solidifies the relationships. I am going to continue developing new clients this way.”

Explore Your Feelings – Align

As you explore your feelings in each moment and align with the information they have to offer by asking , “Not Good Enough (or whatever has come up), what are you here to teach me today?,”  you discover the exact next step to take toward your goal. One step at a time, you can discover more about yourself and where you want to develop a skill or learn in depth knowledge about a topic. As you gain more confidence, feel more secure in who you are, you have no doubt that you can accomplish what you desire.

TAG Yourself for Success – Achieve

Add to that assuredness the honoring and valuing of your Talents, Abilities, and Gifts and you have the formula to ignite your power and achieve a real difference in your life.  Rather than demanding that you MAKE changes to who are and how you do things, know that There is Nothing to Fix. Just More of Your to Discover. TAG Yourself TM for Success and you can but reach your goals for 2012.